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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Join GDSC GES-COENGG?

University students (undergraduate or post-graduate) who are enthusiastic to learn development skills, passionate about solving problems with technology, inspired to become changemakers.


GDSC provides the community with the opportunity to:

  • Growing their knowledge of developer technologies and more through peer to peer workshops and events.
  • Gaining relevant experience by solving problems for local organizations with technology-based solutions.
  • Showcaseing their prototypes and solutions to the local community and industry leaders.

Who Would Benefit From Joining GDSC GES-COENGG?

Student developers ranging from beginner developers who are just starting out, to advanced developers who want to tackle difficult challenges.

What does the core team do?

The core team is a group of contributing members who are responsible for GES-COENGG operations, including the planning and execution of activities and events.

Can I join even though I’m not from a Computer Science background?

Absolutely yes, as long as you have the passion for building a better tomorrow with technology.

I’m not an GES-COENGG student, can I still join?

Come! It’s OK as long as you don’t wreak havoc here. Crash into our Discord server while you’re at it.

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