Starting a Journey

Encouraging and inspiring every student to embark on a fruitful technological journey. Setting objectives is the first step towards making the imagined obvious

The Girl Gang

The majority of people in our community are girls. For us, empowerment is just as essential. Visit Our Tech Boss Lady Series Here.

Celebration Night

Happy hours are the best hours, when you are surrounded with good vibes and good friends.

The Core Team

"The compassionate efforts of community members and associates most wisely reflect its excellence."Our community is endowed with brilliant people, with each and every member solely devoted to the club's accomplishment and nudging Teaching Staff always guiding us in the right direction.

Traditional Day

To showcase all of your good looks one day, as beauty lies in the simplicity with an Ethnic look. Let's not forget our culture despite the fact that the community is technically oriented.

The Flutter Fest

Biggest occasion of the tenure 2021–2022. Numerous people took part in multiple competitions and earned prizes.

The Lunch Parties

Every now and then some freshness is needed and so are the unofficial gatherings. A friendly corner is a must.

Offline Events

Change is the end result of all true learning. Android offline Compose Camp event definitely brought about a huge success to everyone's efforts and Hardwork.

The DevFest

GDSC-GESCOENGG attended the devfest in Nashik. Everyone enjoyed themselves greatly and received some presents.

Cherishing Times

At times our own light fades out and is reignited by another person's flame. Each of us has reason to be grateful to those who have lit the spark within us. Mr. Atharva Chandwarkar and Miss Pranjal Narwarkar have played a significant part in the development of the club and deserve a heartfelt thank you.