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Event Report

Be the next GDSC Lead

Summary of event:

• GDSC GES-COENGG hosted a live event on New GDSC Lead's Application for A.Y. 2022-2023.
• We intended to advocate and help interested folks who look forward in being a GDSC Lead of their respective campuses.
• The event covered a number of things which ranged from introducing the new bies to what GDSC is and went upto the elaborative steps on how one can apply to become a GDSC lead.


• In this session, we covered:

1. What is GDSC and it's Motto:
Newbies were introduced to Google developer students club and what this non-profit organization revolves around.
2. Eligibility criteria:
We elaborated on the Eligibility criteria to be a gdsc lead which included having atleast one year to graduate before starting Lead's A.Y. Also, topics about timeline, skills needed to sustain as a lead, tech stacks required was explained.
3. Benefits of being a GDSC Lead:
Everything with perks becomes interesting! Our folks were interested in knowing what perks and benefits will they get if they become GDSC lead of their respective campuses. This included an opportunity to Network, improving Communication skills, attending GDSC summit, Teaching, Sharing knowledge with others and being a part of Community work!
4. Application process:
We also showed gave clarity to our participants on how they will be able to fill the application form successfully. Herein, we highlighted all the important steps like Video resume, Interview, essays.
5. Word from our current lead:
Our current lead, Atharva Chandwadkar guided students on everything they need to know about standing out from the crowd in their journey of being the next gdsc lead. He highlighted points such as How to write effective essays, being confident in the process, writing true stories to curate a perfect experience about the candidate and much more.

• In the coda, we received a huge response, like always for this session. Many folks also asked questions at the end of the event and showed curiosity to know more on how they can effectively apply for this year's Lead's Application. GDSC GES-COENGG happily hosted this event to motivate and inspire students to apply to become a GDSC Lead in their campus and pave their way to develop themselves and mark their way for growth of themselves and their community!

Student's reviews about the event

Gauri Suryawanshi
Computer Science Student

The event provided a great understanding of the responsibilities, benefits, and skill set required to be a leader. The insights provided in the event really helped me to clear my Vision. In addition, the current GDSC leader gave valuable advise which helped him become the leader.

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Atusha Ghaduse
Computer Science Student

This was indeed an awesome session and will really help the upcoming new future GDSC Leads. The experience provided by the current Lead of GDSC really boosted my self-esteem. It was really an eye-opener session for everyone who wishes to become the next GDSC Lead.

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