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Google Cloud Study Jams

Summary of event:

• Event Title : Google Cloud Study Jams 🚀
• Event Duration: 5th September, 2023 to 2nd October, 2023 ⏳
• Number of participants: 100 🌟
• Facilitator: Samiksha Ranmale and Events Lead

The Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) successfully organized the "Google Cloud Study Jams" 🌈🚀 campaign. The event aimed to provide students with valuable insights and hands-on experience with Google Cloud platform. This campaign focused on transforming the complexities of Google Cloud into an exciting adventure for students.

Our journey started with the first YouTube live session on 29th Aug 2023 where the Google Cloud campaign's secrets were unveiled. Students from diverse backgrounds gathered virtually, eagerly absorbing the knowledge that awaited them.
9th Sept, 2023 , An Offline event was hosted by Samiksha Ranmale to give a brief introduction about getting started with the working of Google Cloud and how to get started with the pathway. The GDSC Core Team, armed with knowledge and patience, stood ready to solve any doubts that surfaced, ensuring no student was left behind.

To conquer the Google Cloud challenge, students embarked on two thrilling pathways: "Google Cloud Computing Foundation" and "Generative AI." These pathways led students through the fascinating world of cloud computing.
Mentors, the Guiding Stars of this Adventure, were assigned to each student. Mentors guided each student through online sessions, providing them support and encouragement.

From September 25th to September 27th, we had an exciting offline workshop that lasted for three intense days. The reponse was nothing short of enthusiasm, and we proudly soared past our Tier1 target with a resounding 80 participants, making it an extraordinary experience.

Benefits :

1. Students learned about various technologies of Google Cloud .
2. Student got practical knowledge about Google Cloud.

And now, drumroll, please! Behold, the Champions of the Google Cloud Study Jams 🏆🌟

🎉 Leaderboard here! 🎉

Last updated on 2nd October, 2023

🎉 Congratulations 🎉

to all the champions who completed the Google Cloud Study Jams Campaign with dedication and passion! 👏

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