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Flutter Festivals

GDSC GES-COENGG came up with the Biggest Festival in the town till date, THE FLUTTER FESTIVAL. We were thrilled to see 550+ registrations and participants gearing up for over 10+ sessions and making it a successful one.

This event totally focused on Flutter, Firebase, Dart, Google Cloud and some fun activities to play around with. Our GDSC Lead, Atharva Chandwadkar as well as our Flutter facilitator for this fest, Sanket Borade with support of all our team members, made sure that everything went smooth and hassle free for this huge event.

Moreover, our participants loved engaging in our numerous events designed and curated by our incredible core team over the span of 01 month. We planned on recognising all the winners and top scorers through the highest checkpoints they earned in order to win some amazing schwags as well as recognising them on our GDSC website's leaderboard.

Watch Flutter Festival Info session to know more

The events we hosted for our participants in

1. Opening Ceremony

5th March
Your roller coaster learning ride starts here!

2. Getting Started With Flutter

7th March
Let's flutter our wings and dive deep into Flutter with our event Getting Started with Flutter.

3. MS Paint with Bob Ross

9th March
Our first fun is here! We are back with the student's favourite classic event where your creativity will be tested at best!

4. Getting Started With Google Cloud

11th March
This is another hands on session with alot of learnings. Students will receive labs access to learn and test there knowledge.

5. Dart session

14th March
Get started with writing programs in Dart programming language after this event.


16th March
It's time to test your drawing and explaining skills! It's time to have fun with!

7. Contributing to Dev Library

21st March
Let's get introduced to the amazing wealth of resources of dev library and get to know how you can help to contribute to the same.

8. Planning Project

23rd March
Time to dive into brainstroming and project building in flutter. It's time to apply what you have learnt so far.

9. Flutter Puzzle Hack

25th March
Here comes one more fun session! Flutter Puzzle Hack! Filled with alot of fun, this event will test your problem solving abilty too.

10. Firebase Sessions

28th March
We will get started with basic on firebase in this event.

11. Closing Ceremony

30th March
Hold on to your seats, because on 30th march winners will be announced.

Summary of events

Now, let's get to know an in-depth idea of all the events we curated and hosted for our participants.

Opening Ceremony

  • The “Opening ceremony” marked the start of our event with a positive note.
  • Our speakers Pranjal, Sanket and Tanmay took over the session and introduced the audience about Flutter Festival, how this fest will work, the events timeline, Milestones participants will have to complete in order to be eligible for their appropriate tier's schwag boxes and some important judging criterias.
  • We also had a 200+ live audience during this session who also loved the slido driven by Riddhi and Shreya enthusiastically.

  • Getting started with flutter

  • All the participants were geared up for the "Getting Started with Flutter'' sesh!
  • Herein, our speakers- Shreya, Sanket and Saie were successful at imparting knowledge over flutter basics, its foundational pillars, setting up flutter, the roadmap attendees can use to get a headstart in their flutter journey and some technical concepts.
  • Our game hosts (Sharvari and Gauri) did an amazing job by carrying out the kahoot quizzes and testing the acquired knowledge of our participants gained during the event.

  • MS Paint with Bob Ross

  • The third event and a fun-filled event was "MS Paint with Bob Ross".
  • Herein, Shruti and Sarvesh explained how one can submit their drawing drawn on MS paint and the best one will be given recognition.
  • We received a huge response for this and our top participants were selected as well.

  • Getting started with Google Cloud

  • The "Getting started with Google cloud" was an interesting event.
  • Our speakers, Pranjal, Parth and riddhi made sure that participants geared up for knowing about Cloud computing, introduced them to google cloud, its advantages, the numerous services provided by GCP Platform, qwiklab platform and elaborated on the roadmap to become a Google Cloud engineer.
  • For a change from all the techie stuff, our game hosts (Riddhi and Poornima), made sure to engage our participants in some kahoot quizzes. The questions and responses from our audience were something we cherished after the event.

  • Dart Session

  • A session on "Dart" ensured we took our peeps from basic to intermediate level in their flutter journey.
  • Not only this, Sanket and Ketan also took a long practical hands-on experience on Dart to explain all the concepts in a better way.
  • Moreover, explaining about dart, why to use dart and dartpad, our host and game hosts (Shreya, Gauri, Sharvari) made sure all our attendees enjoyed the session through the fun games carried out by them.


  • The most loved event by us as well as all our participants, "", marked a day filled with fun and excitement.
  • It was a not-so technical event where our speakers Pranjal and sharvari drove a game eve on platform.
  • The game was all about drawing a specified word and the other participants will have to guess it.

  • Contributing to Dev library

  • Nothing looks exciting without a contribution. We know it! Hence, we came up with a short session, "Contributing to the dev library".
  • In this session, participants were asked to contribute to the dev library in terms of Blogs and projects.
  • Sanket, Saie and Gauri carried out the session elaborating on what a dev library is, some amazing rules and practices to make the participant' s content note-worthy.
  • Our logo guessing game carried out by Tejashree and Poornima was a cherry on cake.

  • Planning Project

  • The most important session of all the events in our flutter fest series was "Planning on the Project".
  • In this session, our facilitator elaborated on using github and how they can deploy and submit their project accordingly.
  • Furthermore, our team also helped all the participants to carry out the planning of their pitched ideas for the project.

  • Flutter Puzzle Hack

  • Our next fun-filled event was "The Flutter Puzzle Hack".
  • Our hosts for the evening, Shreya and Kalyani introduced our attendees to this game which was all about solving a puzzle shown on the screen successfully and uploading its screenshots directly in a form to earn checkpoints.

  • Firebase session

  • The "Firebase session" was all about the basics of firebase, its use and applications, its advantages, and a hands-on implementation on authentication using firebase.
  • Our speakers for the evening, Pranjal, Sharvari and Tanmay and game host Riddhi made sure the session went great and enthusiastic.

  • Closing ceremony

  • The last session and a final good-bye to all our participants was fun.
  • "The Closing Ceremony" was the closure of the Flutter Fest series and we planned to invite our GDSC Lead, Atharva Chandwadkar to announce all the winners, top scorers and special awardees of the entire flutter festival.
  • All in all, this was the most fun and interesting event loved by all our consistent participants.

  •        All in all, we were joyous to see such a huge response from all the participants making this fest the BIGGEST FEST till date. All the participants were excited and geared up to win all the checkpoints we assigned on activities such as check in form, project submission, game activities and some incredible tasks. Many participants also made it to the top scorers list and winner's list and hence got eligible to win their appropriate Tier's Schwag kits. GDSC GES-COENGG congratulates all the participants for making it to the leaderboard as well as appreciates all our core team for making "The Flutter Festival" the biggest one!

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    Student's reviews about the event

    Testimonial Image 1
    Kalyani Chaudhari
    Computer science student

    "Attending the Flutter fest gave me an opportunity to headstart my journey in flutter. I was grateful to be a part of it and learn in-depth about dart, firebase, Google cloud and flutter. Overall, it was an amazing learning time at Flutter Fest. Grateful to GDSC GES-COENGG for conducting such a wonderful series of events.”

    Testimonial Image 2
    Sahil Kale
    Computer science student

    "From getting started with dart programming to diving into flutter development, from google cloud session to fun with firebase, from technical hands on sessions to fun events, each event was very perfectly planned and executed with a lot of learnings and fun activities. I am planning to dive deeper into flutter development . Thank you GDSC GES-COENGG!"

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