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Inauguration Information Session 2022-23

Summary of event:

Event Introduction:

GDSC GES-COENGG hosted an event, i.e, an Info Session on 1 September 2022 which focused on giving information about GDSC GES-COENGG.


   The program started with lightening of lamps by our hon'ble principal Dr. P.C. Kulkarni Sir, HOD of Computer Department, Dr. D.V Patil Sir, staff coordinator Mrs. Archana Vaidya madam and other staff members.It was further followed by the felicitation program where principal sir, HOD and other staff members were welcome by the core members of GDSC with a bouquet of flowers.

   The anchors for the event Sarvesh Joshi and Kalyani Desai started the program by introducing what GDSC is all about. The lead of GDSC-GES-COENGG, Gauri Suryawanshi, explained to everyone in detail about the perks of j oining GDSC and how GDSC helps an individual to grow.
Later, the audience was introduced to the different teams of the club, the core team members and what work is actually carried out by each team. After the introduction of the Co-Leads and the respective Team Leads introduced their team members and gave a synopsis of the work carried out by their respective team.


   After a great introduction of the whole club, Principal Dr. P.C. Kulkarni sir delivered a motivational speech and motivated the students to participate in the coming events of GDSC and become a member of such communities. The GDSC's Facilitator staff, Mrs. Archana Vaidya ma'am and Head of the Department Dr. D.V. Patil sir also delivered a few words of motivation for students and core team members for their upcoming events and projects. They guided and advised everyone to keep growing and developing their personalities as well as skill sets by expanding their knowledge and vision.

   After that the speakers of the session Sarvesh Joshi and Kalyani Desai introduced the GDSC's website and elaborated about all the successful past events like Flutter festival, Android study Jams, ML, Firebase and projects like Gymex and Annapurna done under the last functional year of GDSC. They also explained the procedure to connect and become a member of the GDSC's chapter which was quite simple. Getting further, they mentioned the various social media handles like twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn where the students can connect and get to know more about the club and their works along with the past events and projects.

   After the successful delivery from the core team came the time to get the doubts clear from the minds of the audience regarding the info session. Hence, a separate Q&A session was conducted where the students as well as the staff members were open to ask and present their questions regarding any thing they wanted to know more about the GDSC Club.These questions were combinedly answered by the GDSC Lead and Co-Leads.

   Later the dias was made open for ex-members to share their experience with GDSC in their tenure. This part of the session received a heavy response from the ex as well as continuing members sharing their varied experiences in the club. They gave a guiding light to the new members and the audience with honest and genuine feedback. Finally, the wonderful event was concluded by the anchors Sarvesh Joshi and Kalyani Desai by a vote of thanks to all the members and the audience for their presence at the event.

Student's reviews about the event

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Umesh Sonawane
Computer Science Student

"It was a great event making students aware about what is GDSC how it works. Perks of gdsc. How to become a member of GDSC all such things were greatly explained."

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Atharva Garje
Computer Science Student

"It was an awesome event. The event was all about what is GDSC,how to get into GDSC, etc. Helped to clear all the concepts regarding GDSC."

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