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Introduction to Web3 Metaverse

Summary of event:

   On 5 August 2022 (Friday), GDSC-GESCOENGG in collaboration with LUMOS Labs hosted a very interesting and exciting session on Intro to Web3 Metaverse. The speakers of the event were Mr. Nikhil Aoarijit and Mr. Tanmay Tarte.

   The events took a beautiful start with the introduction of the speakers by our host Tejasghree Jagtap. The virtual platform was further taken over by our first speaker of the evening Mr. Nikhil Aparajit. He started off the session with a casual introduction to metaverse, its hype around the technology and what simply blockchain technology is.

   Moving over with the foundation of Web3, he introduce the Blockchain technology, how the data is actually stored in blocks and what actually led to name it as a chain. The concept of data and block mining was also slightly mentioned without making it too difficult to understand.

   The next topic on the pile was that of Web3. To get a better sense of the whole Web3 technology the speaker started off with its versions, evolutions and why the shift of power from large centralized companies to the hands of individuals was necessary which eventually led to the birth of Web3 concept. Discussing the disadvantages of the current internet process helped the audience to understand the actual need for development of Web3 and how it counters the flaws of the existing internet scenario. Eventually all the features of Web3 were also brought into light. The powerful feature of uninterpreted data was heavily discussed by the speaker and the curious audience over the live chat. How the entered data ends up on every node on the network was simply but beautifully explained by Nikhil and the audience made sure that no gap was left in the delivery of the topic. Apart from just the technology, its key components like wallets, their types, NFTs, their uniqueness, Dapps, its working, DAOs, their significance and applications were wonderfully delivered to the audience. It was made clear that these components, their working and importance was perfectly understood by the audience with constant check on the live chat window.

   Finally, came the time to swim into the new and booming topic of Metaverse. Metaverse being the next version of social internet has already made its name into the tech world, but what work has LUMOS been doing in Metaverse was cleared by the speaker in this section of the event. There were a few rumors among the audience regarding the same which were also cleared upon proper interaction. Building a Lumos Metaverse, a metverse for builders and developers in technology, developing a community and raising funds for the same have been the core motives of the LUMOS Labs. In this section, the speaker guided the audience on how to join the discord server of the Lumos Metaverse, made them aware that they could be the early adopters, earn early benefits of study and investment grants by joining and daily interacting with the community people.

   Of course, following up was the career opportunities for people in Web 3.0 including the technical and non-technical options. While in the whole conversation the topic of Cyber Phishing was also discussed. After the whole informative part was the QnA Session. All the fired questions were answered perfectly. Responses were answered in depth to clear all the doubts and reach out to the audience.

   On successful completion of the QnA round, the virtual stage was handed over to the next speaker of the event, Mr. Tanmay Tarte. Here, he hosted a fun but brainstorming and knowledge filled quiz on Web3 and Metaverse. This quiz was joined by a large audience who verified themselves on the discord server. The speaker guided them on how to get verified on the server by reacting and introducing themselves on the channel. Since, the top three winners of the quiz participants would be awarded with the Lumos exclusive t-shirts, it was quite a tense and competitive quiz round. On completion of the quiz round, the winners would be disclosed on the discord server itself thus keeping the audiebec intrigued and left with curiosity till the next hour. With this the team successfully concluded the amazing Web3 Metaverse event.

Student's reviews about the event

Amey Mohole
Computer Science Student

"Metaverse" is a concept which was peeping into my mind for many days, & GDSC GESCOENGG made it very clear to me. This Session Cleared all my doubts regarding metaverse & Also Web3. Factors included - Blockchain Technology, working with Crypto, NFTs and Much More Interesting Quizzes in the sessions.

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Ruchita Wagh
Computer Science Student

It was an amazing session where we learned about Blockchain, Web3, Bitcoin, Wallets, NFT, DAPP and DAO. It was a very important session as all the recent imp things included in it.

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