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Google Solution Challenge 2022

Report of event:

The GDSC GESCOENGG came up with another exciting event, the Google Solution Challenge 2022 which was planned by all the GDSC's in which it was expected to find a solution or solve one of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) using Google Technology.

About event speaker

The solution challenge was an incredible event under GDSC GES-COENGG that proved to be extremely valuable. The team hosted the event on February 16th, 2022, under the direction of Atharva Chandwadkar , Lead of GDSC GES-COENGG. Mr. Atharva Chandwarkar and Pranjal Nawarkar spoke at the event.

Get head start with solution challenge:

• In this section, she briefly explains the overview, the prices, and the resources we'll need to get started after judging criteria such as how our team will be judged and the timeline.
• Following that, Mr. Atharva Chandwarkar discusses the Google Solution Challenge and how to create a solution for the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. So the United Nations has given us 17 such goals that we must solve, such as hunger, poverty, and marine life, so we must develop a solution that contributes to all of these problems. So he showed us a short video about those goals to help us understand them better.
Sustainable 17 goals:

Judging Criteria

After that Judging criteria were also explained which was split into 60-40 rule.

Impact 60 points
Basically, 60 points were given to the impact of the solution in such a way that it contributes to any of the 17 sustainable goals.
Technology 40 points
Which are given for technology, which means you must implement any of the Google technologies in the entire project

Fun part which was the prices

In this, he discussed prices. So, if you submit your solution and come in :
1. Top 50 teams will receive a customized mentorship.
2. Top 10 finalists will receive additional mentorships,swag boxes and you will be featured on demo day.
3. Content finalist will receive addition swag box and one thousand dollars .
4. Top 3 winners will receive a cash prize of three thousand dollar .
The self-paced codelabs were also explained which are some limited resources provided by Google to learn and use that technology as a part of the solution/project. Atlas the session ended up with some FAQs and also the QnAs asked by the students to clear their vision. Indeed, it was a great and eye-opener session.


• Creating a solution to a given problem by expanding their views and vision.
• To learn and get familiar with new and efficient Google technologies.
• Students can build up their CVs by mentioning their projects.
• Students can get the mentorship from Google experts and dilate their projects and even future career opportunities.
• Eligible/Winner students receive certifications, mentorships, swag boxes, and many more other perks such as cash prizes.

Student's reviews about the event

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Kapil Mundada
Computer Science Student

Solution Challenge was fun. Learned alot from the team mates as well as from the project mentors. Looking forward to participating in more such events to get hands-on experience.

Testimonial Image 1
Vishal Patil
Computer Science Student

The Solution Challenge gave us a great opportunity to see how we can use the technology we have learned to help people. It was indeed an fulfilling experience.

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Pratik Parvat
Computer Science Student

This was our first project that we did in a group. So we understand how to work in a team and get the work done using each other’s strengths.

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Aditya Hyalij
Computer Science Student

Working on a project that solves real world problems gives a unique sense of achievement. Hoping to work with the same attitude in future to solve real world problems and serve people.

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