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Tech Boss Lady #2

What is WTM?

Curious to know what WTM is ?! Well it's nothing else but the Women Tech Makers !!!
Women Tech Makers (WTM) is a series of events and sessions for all the female students to introduce them to the world of technology.
The series comprises engaging sessions with all our Tech Boss Ladies (speakers) from all around the world who help us to increase our comprehension regarding different technologies, startup ideas, disrupts and roadmap to thrive as a leading female in tech.
The series is organised by GDSC GES-COENGG for all female developers where tons of interesting and valuable things are discussed and brought forward.

About speaker:

An incredible event under GDSC GES-COENGG was the WTM#2 which came out to be an extremely valuable and a life guiding session in the career life of every female developer and aspirant. Under the guidance of Mr. Atharva Chandwadkar, Lead of GDSC GES-COENGG, the team hosted the event on 6th Feb 2022. The event speaker for the event was Mrs. Aishwarya Mahapatra, who is currently an intern at D.E.Shaw and an Ex-intern at Goldman Sachs (Summer Analyst). Besides being an intern she is also a YouTuber and a Microsoft Engage 21 mentee.

About WTM #2:

Getting back to the WTM #2. WTM # 2 is a second event in the series conducted under Women Tech Makers.
The event was held on 6th February, 2022 under GDSC GES-COENGG and was nothing less than a mind-blowing session. We were grateful to have Mrs. Aishwarya Mahapatra as our Tech Boss Lady, that’s what we name our speakers as, for the session.
In this amazing session she guided us on :

  • How to prepare for internships for all year students respectively
  • How to effectively develop a LinkedIn profile

  • 1) How to prepare for Internships:

  • The speaker of the WTM event majorly discussed how to start preparing for internships individually focusing on the first year, second year and third year students respectively.

  • The speaker shared her experience about the summer internship, which she completed after her third year of college. A brainstorming discussion was held on whether competitive programming is necessary, followed by her roadmap on preparation for the same. Further, the topics covered were the preparation for internships and placements using sites such as Leetcode, Codeforces and Codechef.

  • The speaker came up with the most commonly left out or taken for granted topics by the students like problem solving and time management skills which will prove to be quite beneficial for the students in their long term, not just career but personal life too. Along with guiding the students she also opened up on her college days and a glorious start in the tech field with a job offer from Goldman Sachs. From discussing the preparation for internships and earning offers while avoiding common pitfalls, she encouraged other girls in the tech field on how to deal with all internships and placements.

  • 2) How to effectively develop a LinkedIn profile:

  • One of the most popular platforms for professional networking and career advancement is LinkedIn. Being the most popular platform for job seekers to discover jobs by integrating their CVs and companies to post job openings, it's in quite a boom. Aside from that, LinkedIn is a platform for students to learn various trending technologies like web development, android development, machine learning and a wide range programming languages along with a variety of other topics. LinkedIn offers courses in a variety of subjects to help us grow in any respective field.

  • On audience’s demand, the speaker briefed them about the new and widely used job profile platform LinkedIn, its basic features and applications. She explained how students should maintain their profile, interact and locate internships that give them industrial experience.

  • Other than this, she gave a detailed conception on how one should develop a LinkedIn profile which represents oneself and helps to find a work best suited for them. She guided everyone with even the minute details of what to inscribe in bio and description, how to integrate certifications and achievements in profile, how to add projects to it and much more about features that LinkedIn provides to build a profile.

  • A much appreciated tip for the day was when the speaker advised scrolling ones LinkedIn at least 30 mins a day rather than scrolling on any other social media. Following pages of your interest and commenting on posts would eventually make one end up making more connections which will help them to build an impressive profile and represent their active participation in connections on LinkedIn.

  • Benefits:

  • The event was extremely valuable for a person to be a successful intern and socialising with benefits, the speaker explained how she developed her skills and gained experience as a lady. Her advice will undoubtedly be extremely beneficial to all ladies.
  • Exploring a new platform for internship and maintaining consistency in programming, which is an important aspect for any programmer.
  • Managing the time for all the preparation and making strong decisions to deliver best in internships or placements.
  • Students learned about LinkedIn's advanced features and capabilities.
  • Learned how to create our LinkedIn profile that represents our interests in work and our skills and achievements in that stream.
  • Got some ideas for how to be more active on LinkedIn. And also about the courses that LinkedIn offers to develop a skill.
  • Learned about do's and don'ts to keep your profile attractive.

  • Student's reviews about the event

    Testimonial Image 1
    Hetakshi Joshi
    Computer Science Student

    "I learned a lot about how to prepare for internships stepwise and got to know about how to build strong LinkedIn profile, make good connections and stand out of the crowd. Event was very intellectual and full of knowledge to gain."

    Testimonial Image 2
    Pratiksha Jadhav
    Computer Science Student

    "The event was fantastic and learned about how to prepare for internships also how to build a strong LinkedIn profile. Thanks to GDSC-GESCOENGG for arranging this amazing event. "

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