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Tech Boss Lady

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The event took a huge and important place in the GDSC-GESCOENGG’s Diary. It is considered as a big life turning and motivating event in everyone’s life. The event was hosted by GDSC COENGG’s Team and under the guidance of Mr.Atharva Chandwadkar (GDSC LEAD) on 11 October 2021.The guest for the event was Mrs. Radhika Chandwadkar a software engineer III at Google,USA. She is also a Youtuber and Entreprenuer having a 5+ year experience in Corporate America.
Some important topics like knowing one’s goals,creating own brand,questions like HOW,WHAT,Importance of extra and co-curriculars along with the graduation degree and much more. She talked about her journey from getting admission for under graduation course to getting an offer from Google.How the struggles and failures must be handled and how to make an amazing comeback was inspiring.
As the event took place on International Girls Day it also covered some topics regarding women and their capability and their contribution in the tech field. She also motivated female coders on how to deal with life and to secure our place in the world.


• Many students asked their doubts and queries regarding career and life.
• Her journey has inspired a lot of budding coders and gave them a right track.
• Her guidance will surely be a lot of helpful for everyone.
• The event ended with a formal vote of thanks and a friendly good bye .
• It is considered as a big life turning and motivating event in everyone’s life.

Student's reviews about the event

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Saie Jadhav
Computer Science Student

Thank you for this amazing, inspiring session .I honestly came to know so many new things which i was unaware of. Thanks for motivating so many others Womens out there

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Nikita Zalte
Computer Science Student

" Glad to be a part of this session. It surely helped me to take right decisions regarding my carrer further."

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