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Web With firebase

Summary of event:

GDSC GES-COENGG hosted a campaign starting from 7th May to 12th May 2022 which focused on web development using the firebase tool. There were total of 3 events in the web with firebase session all including some of the important technologies in the web. As the name suggests "Web with firebase" was a complete package of technologies right from creating a website to hosting it and all in between. Students were able to not only learn some trending technologies in web but also build an interesting project out of it. For our first event of Web with firebase i.e.info session of "Web with firebase" and getting started with HTML and CSS, We kicked of our event with a great info session explaining everything about the event like the introduction to web, timeline of event, details about projects, info about further events and many more. Then students were taught HTML and CSS but not in traditional boring manner but with some interesting hands-on session. Our technical speakers created a live project i.e., a "To do list" web application during the session while explaining every little detail and making it easier for the students. Students also enjoyed coding together with the speakers.

Our second step i.e., the second event of web with firebase was getting started with JavaScript and Angular. These technologies do sound difficult , thus the goal our team was to make it as easier an fun as possible for the students to grasp. Continuing the project of our previous event, our technical speakers added JavaScript to it while explaining it fluently to our viewers. Also, we have theoretical as well as hands on explanation of Angular as well.

And our final event i.e., our concluding event for Web with firebase was "Fun with firebase". This was a very important event from our as well as from student's point of view as it covered a very diverse and important tool for web i.e., the firebase. Right from giving the uses, advantages of the tool to a brief tour of the firebase and hands on session, it was an event packed with excitement and knowledge. Our technical speakers gave a live tour of firebase as well of the labs which were provided to the students. Students had to complete the labs provided by us which included brief introduction and a guide of usage of every functionality provided by firebase. Also, our technical speakers gave a live demonstration of hosting the website i.e. the "To do list" web application created in previous events.

All the three sessions were indeed successful in reaching the students and educating the with some hot technologies in web right now. Students had to also create a to do list application as taught in sessions and host it on GitHub and submit it us for further evaluation and certification.


• First of all, it benefited all the students who were not clear about what web actually is. Through our info session students got a clear idea what it is as well as cleared their dilemma about choosing the web path.
• It really helped the students to head start their journey of web development and we as GDSC GES-COENGG members feel proud that we could contribute to it and become a part of their journey.

Student's reviews about the event

Advait Shukla
Computer Science Student

The students were very happy with the event and everyone was eager to participate in the campaign for learning the web vital concepts.

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Neha Kothavade
Computer Science Student

Students were very enthusiastic to write code and complete the project at the end. We received very overwhelming number of project submission from the students.

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